Fujitsu ASTG12CMCA - 3.5kW (1.5HP) 11,900BTU/h

Fujitsu ASTG12CMCA - 3.5kW (1.5HP) 11,900BTU/h

Mid-sized rooms up to 30m2 will be well catered for with this unit*

If you are looking for an air conditioner that you can trust to keep you comfortable all year round, look no further than a Fujitsu.

Fujitsu Air Conditioners Feature:

  • A stylish, standardised design across the range.
  • This range is the most energy efficient air conditioners Fujitsu have designed, with some models up to a 5 star energy rating.
  • Human sensor control, which delivers optimum efficiency and temperature control.

* Choosing the right air conditioner depends on many factors including room size, ceiling height, insulation, size of windows, level of sunlight and more and this is an approximate guide to cooling capacities. Under powered air conditioners will have to work harder, wasting a lot of energy over time. Speak to us to be sure of your requirements.

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